Website Trends for 2021

Perfect Six Marketing Website Trends 2021

Website Trends for 2021   

With 2020 in the books, it’s time to look ahead to 2021 and everything it will offer. Now that digital media is more important than ever, here are some website design trends that you can expect to be big in the new year.

Geometric Grids

Grids are quickly gaining popularity as a simple yet effective way to structure a web layout. They offer a clean look and easy site navigation; they are also a great tool to highlight written content. While grids are a simple idea, they can be used in a number of different and creative ways, such as an asymmetrical structure.

Horizontal Scrolling

Yes, it’s okay to feature horizontal scrolling in your web design now! Just don’t use it for the sake of using it. Think about what content would benefit from a preview, and then a natural progression to more information if the user decides to view it. Photo galleries are a good example.

It’s also a good idea to not force your users to navigate through horizontal scrolling. Provide alternatives like arrow buttons for those who want a more traditional experience.

Traditional Print Layouts

As great as digital media is, most people would agree that there’s just something nice about holding a physical copy of print. With the printed page becoming increasingly rare, web designs are beginning to feature traditional print layouts that allow users to connect with that once physical medium.

Black & White

More and more web designers are going for “dark mode,” where black is the predominant color. A black background provides a stark contrast to white text and design features, allowing them to really jump off the page. Also, it just provides a nice aesthetic.

On the flip side, designs featuring a white background and black text/grayscale photos can also be striking and fit very well with the resurgence of minimalism.

Author: Courtney Brodeur

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