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Video Marketing is evolving into one of the most important selling tools for businesses. This is because videos are an effective way to deliver a message and videos allow businesses to connect with their audience in just a few seconds.

​Videos can be created to achieve multiple goals, like helping customers decide to purchase a product/service or to educate customers of how to properly use a product. 64% of customers say that they are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it online. Thus, videos generate the best return on investment, or ROI, which is why marketers are including videos in their digital strategies more and more.

There are many different types of videos that marketers can create for businesses, but there are two types that help businesses close sales. The form in which these videos take can vary.

Educate the Customer

The first type of video is the type that educates customers on the products and/or services that a business offers. As potential buyers start searching for answers, businesses have a unique opportunity to approach them with helpful information and educate them on how to solve their issues. Educational videos are a simple but effective way to do that. At this point, there’s no guarantee they’ll hire your brand to solve their problem, but you will stand out as an expert on the subject, and so they’ll remember you when the time comes to make a decision.

Some companies use commercials to not only advertise their product, but also to quickly introduce their product/service. A commercial that is fun to watch and tells a compelling story in just a few seconds attracts people into the sales funnel. Commercials help you increase your visibility, brand awareness, and site traffic.

How-to videos have a classic step-by-step structure that can help customers with their pain points or needs. Meanwhile, a business can subtly position their brand as the best solution to the customers’ problems.

Tell the Story

Videos are one of the best ways to connect with customers, allowing companies to create videos that share their story. Company videos put a face and a voice to the brand and allow companies to share their story. They are the audiovisual version of the “About Us” page on their website, and they show viewers who is behind all the work the service or product requires. The goals of a company video are to build trust and create a human bond, so viewers get to know the brand.

Customer testimonial videos are another great way to tell a story about the company. Share previous customers’ experiences who had the same problem but found a solution by hiring your company. Testimonial videos are very effective to build trust and, in turn, close more sales.

These videos can take the form of short animations, webinars or even interviews. Uploading videos to the company YouTube channel, website and social media help spread brand awareness and can even go viral. Keep in mind if you want to share these videos to social media that certain platforms may have restrictions, like how long the video can be to upload it. If you want or need your video to be longer than permitted on social media, you can create a “sneak preview” of the video and link to your website to watch the whole thing.

There are different ways of measuring the success of marketing videos. Video views are one of the easiest metrics to track. Views gives a basic idea of how many people are clicking play on the video. Watch Time tells you how long people are watching the video which tells how watchable your video content is. It can also tell you where viewers are losing interest.

Shares on social media are another great way to measure engagement of videos. Not to mention comments and feedback left on the video.

Ultimately, the goal video marketing is to increase sales, so sales need to be tracked. Tracking sales in relation to videos can be accomplished by using conversion tracking in Google Analytics, as well as asking customers how they found out about your brand.

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