Top 5 Marketing Tools Used by Designers & Dealers

RICKI – The Kitchen Think Tank released a report on the top 5 marketing tools used by designers and dealers in the kitchen and bath industry. After providing them with a list of 26 tools to choose from, the top 5 tools used in order of most used to least used included referrals/word of mouth, website, Facebook, Houzz and print advertisements.

​1. Referrals/Word of Mouth
At 73%, word of mouth referrals is the number one marketing tool used across all segments of designers and dealers. Word of mouth creates a buzz, and is a free form of advertising triggered by the customers experience. By impressing 1 person, that person spreads the words to their friends and they tell their friends and so on. According to, 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family than other advertising.

2. Website
68% of designers and dealers use their website to market their work. A website is the perfect place for a designer and/or dealer to showcase their work. An attractive website design including a portfolio of professional photography of the projects completed is a great way for consumers to make a connection to your work. An effective SEO strategy should be implemented to ensure a dealer’s website is found by consumers searching the web. For learning how to design your kitchen firm’s website check out this article.

3. Facebook
Facebook is used by 50% of designers and dealers to promote their work. We predict that this percentage will increase over the years, as younger generations who use social media more often will begin purchasing their own homes. Facebook is also a great avenue for cheap advertising that reaches thousands of users. Demographics can be specifically chosen to target households that make a certain income, have interests in kitchen and bath remodeling, and more.

4. Houzz
Falling close behind Facebook, Houzz is used by 49% of designers and dealers to market their business. This percentage is also likely to increase, as Houzz continues to offer more opportunities for professionals to promote their projects. Opportunities include both free and paid features.

5. Print Ads
38% use print advertising to market their business. Professionals associated with a showroom are far more likely to use print advertising than independent designers or those with design/build firms.

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