The Perfect Instagram Profile

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become a social media phenomenon with over 600 million users. Your posts might be what draws consumers to follow you, but a strong profile is a perfect place to help them learn more. With the potential to reach that many consumers, it is important that your company profile is professional and eye-catching. Here are some tips and tricks to having the perfect Instagram profile.

Let’s start by analyzing your profile. First and foremost you have to create a username. Your username should resemble your company’s name as closely as possible. If you have other social media handles, this username should reflect that so it is easy for consumers to find you on every platform.

Your name on Instagram should also resemble your company’s name as closely as possible. The name can only be 30 characters long, so be sure the most important part of your company name is visible. For example, if your company name is Johnny Smith Marketing Incorporated, which is 36 characters, shorten it to say Johnny Smith Marketing Inc., which is 28 characters.

Make the profile image of your company logo, sized proportionally to fit your entire logo within the available space. On a mobile screen, the profile photo size is 110 x 110 pixels. On a desktop, the profile photo size is 180 x 180 pixels.

In the website section, include the URL to your company’s website. It is not recommended to use shortened URLs. Keep your bio short and to the point, summarizing your company’s best features since you only have 150 characters to explain.

Photos shared should always show off your company’s products and/or services in the best light possible. We recommend always using high-resolution images to provoke engagement. Blurred and pixelated photos will more than likely be ignored or receive an undesirable response.
Captions of photos also help grab consumers’ attention. If you make evoke emotion, you are more likely to retain more followers and likes. Always be sure to tag related Instagram users to expand the reach of the post.

Hashtags are extremely important in expanding the viewership of your post. Instagram users search for pictures under a specific topic by hashtags. Therefore, they should be used in your captions to captivate a more focused potential customer.

If applicable, add a location to your post to further increase the reach of your post. Instagram users can also search for photos by location.

Follow these tips and tricks to create the perfect Instagram profile. To learn how to create an Instagram account, watch our video by clicking here. Check out for further information about social media presence.

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