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Instagram Hashtag Usage

When it comes to Instagram, hashtag usage is a must. But recently there has been controversy over whether too many hashtags could be viewed as spammy. The discussion going around is whether to only use nine hashtags per post or the maximum amount of 30 hashtags. Last year Instagram was shadow banning accounts for using incorrect hashtags and that resulted in accounts not getting any traction to their posts at all except from their followers. This eventually was corrected and no longe […]

creating an effective facebook ad marketing

Creating an Effective Facebook Ad

Creating an effective Facebook ad requires the use of a few key elements. Visual content is most important, followed by legible text and a clear call to action.​Visual content is 40 percent more likely to be shared than any other type of content. Actually, images account for 90 percent of Facebook advertising effectiveness and performance. In other words, an effective visual is necessary to create an effective ad.In order for an ad to be effective, the image should take up a majorit […]


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