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Instagram Hashtag Usage

When it comes to Instagram, hashtag usage is a must. But recently there has been controversy over whether too many hashtags could be viewed as spammy. The discussion going around is whether to only use nine hashtags per post or the maximum amount of 30 hashtags. Last year Instagram was shadow banning accounts for using incorrect hashtags and that resulted in accounts not getting any traction to their posts at all except from their followers. This eventually was corrected and no longe […]

voice search marketing

Voice Search Marketing

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular as consumers continue to use Siri on their iPhones and Amazon Echo in their homes. Approximately 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search at least once a day.​Predictions for the next three years are that 50% of all searches are expected to be voice-activated by 2020. It is also predicted that there will be approximately 21.4 billion smart speakers in the US alone by 2020, ranging from Amazon’s Echo to Google Home.The gr […]

Top 5 Marketing Tools Used by Designers & Dealers

RICKI – The Kitchen Think Tank released a report on the top 5 marketing tools used by designers and dealers in the kitchen and bath industry. After providing them with a list of 26 tools to choose from, the top 5 tools used in order of most used to least used included referrals/word of mouth, website, Facebook, Houzz and print advertisements.​1. Referrals/Word of MouthAt 73%, word of mouth referrals is the number one marketing tool used across all segments of designers an […]

This is a photograph of a sail boat.

Marketing Sails

Much like the sails on a sail boat, your marketing strategy should be adjusted with…

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