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The Importance of Review Testimonials in B2B Marketing

What is a Testimonial? ​A testimonial is a written recommendation from a previous client or consumer affirming the value of your service or product. When a client/consumer is looking for potential businesses to work with they will want to see opinions of others to help deter their decision. Therefore, a testimonial is a key part in B2B marketing.  Why B2B Companies Should Use Testimonials When buying a new product, consumers can be very skeptical on the quality or value. The […]

Increase Email Clicks Marketing

Increase Email Clickthrough Rates

Email Clickthrough Rates, referred to as CTR, is a ratio showing how many people click on the links included in your emails. CTR is found by taking the number of times a link is clicked divided by the number of impressions it has received. For example, if you had 8 clicks and 100 impressions, then your CTR would be 8%. CTRs can be used to gauge how well your emails are performing. A high CTR is a good indication that your audience find your emails compelling and want to learn more.For an […]

video marketing

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is evolving into one of the most important selling tools for businesses. This is because videos are an effective way to deliver a message and videos allow businesses to connect with their audience in just a few seconds.​Videos can be created to achieve multiple goals, like helping customers decide to purchase a product/service or to educate customers of how to properly use a product. 64% of customers say that they are more likely to buy a product after watching a vid […]

google search engine results pages marketing

Google Search Engine Results Pages

Google Search Engine Results Pages, also referred to as Google SREPs, are the pages displayed by Google.com in response to a query by a searcher. The main component of SREPs is the listing of results that are returned by Google in response to a keyword query. Google SREPs include a mix of classic organic results and universal search elements such as information snippets, images, maps and videos.​The appearance of search engine results pages is constantly in flux due to experiments c […]

2018 b2b marketing trends

2018 B2B Marketing Trends

In 2018, B2B marketing trends are being pulled in new directions due to a combination of technology advances, organizational cultural shifts and buyer-behavior changes. Individualization will become the new personalization as machine-learning algorithms become more sophisticated. Individualization makes the consumer believe that the company views them as one of a kind, unique individuals. It creates a deeper connection between the brand and the consumer.​Machine learning is an […]

voice search marketing

Voice Search Marketing

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular as consumers continue to use Siri on their iPhones and Amazon Echo in their homes. Approximately 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search at least once a day.​Predictions for the next three years are that 50% of all searches are expected to be voice-activated by 2020. It is also predicted that there will be approximately 21.4 billion smart speakers in the US alone by 2020, ranging from Amazon’s Echo to Google Home.The gr […]


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