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ADA Compliance and the Digital Age

On June 12th, 2017 a Florida judge determined that Winn-Dixie, a southern based grocery store chain, did not meet the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance for websites. The Florida court concluded that Winn-Dixies website was too heavily integrated with the company’s physical store locations, making it subject to the ADA. A decision that required the company to update its site. Judge Robert Scola of Florida writes, “The factual findings demonstrate that Winn-Dixie& […]

Digital Display Ad Spending

Digital Display Ad Spending by US advertisers is estimated to be nearly $48 billion in 2018, per eMarketer. Display advertising is a type of online advertising that comes in several forms, including banner ads, rich media and more. Display advertisements rely on elements such as images, audio and video to communicate an advertising message.​The estimated digital display ad spending by format varies, with the most spend on banner ads and other ads related, followed by video ads and r […]

Increase Email Clicks Marketing

Increase Email Clickthrough Rates

Email Clickthrough Rates, referred to as CTR, is a ratio showing how many people click on the links included in your emails. CTR is found by taking the number of times a link is clicked divided by the number of impressions it has received. For example, if you had 8 clicks and 100 impressions, then your CTR would be 8%. CTRs can be used to gauge how well your emails are performing. A high CTR is a good indication that your audience find your emails compelling and want to learn more.For an […]

video marketing

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is evolving into one of the most important selling tools for businesses. This is because videos are an effective way to deliver a message and videos allow businesses to connect with their audience in just a few seconds.​Videos can be created to achieve multiple goals, like helping customers decide to purchase a product/service or to educate customers of how to properly use a product. 64% of customers say that they are more likely to buy a product after watching a vid […]

creating an effective facebook ad marketing

Creating an Effective Facebook Ad

Creating an effective Facebook ad requires the use of a few key elements. Visual content is most important, followed by legible text and a clear call to action.​Visual content is 40 percent more likely to be shared than any other type of content. Actually, images account for 90 percent of Facebook advertising effectiveness and performance. In other words, an effective visual is necessary to create an effective ad.In order for an ad to be effective, the image should take up a majorit […]

How to Make Viral Content

Perfectly said by Laura Forer of MarketingProfs, making content go viral is the holy grail of every marketer. Going viral is not quite as simple as one-two-three, but here are three steps you can follow to make viral content.1. Find a TopicFind a content topic by listening to your audience. Seek inspiration from social media. You can even try asking your audience questions and generate content based off their answers so you’re giving them exactly what they want.Next step in finding […]

Long tail keywords can help your rankings and reduce your competition with other sites.

Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords or Long Tail Keyword Phrases are keyword phrases typically consist of 3…

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