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video marketing

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is evolving into one of the most important selling tools for businesses. This is because videos are an effective way to deliver a message and videos allow businesses to connect with their audience in just a few seconds.​Videos can be created to achieve multiple goals, like helping customers decide to purchase a product/service or to educate customers of how to properly use a product. 64% of customers say that they are more likely to buy a product after watching a vid […]

creating an effective facebook ad marketing

Creating an Effective Facebook Ad

Creating an effective Facebook ad requires the use of a few key elements. Visual content is most important, followed by legible text and a clear call to action.​Visual content is 40 percent more likely to be shared than any other type of content. Actually, images account for 90 percent of Facebook advertising effectiveness and performance. In other words, an effective visual is necessary to create an effective ad.In order for an ad to be effective, the image should take up a majorit […]

Valentine's Day marketing ideas

Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

Holidays offer a unique opportunity for brands to step outside their normal marketing and further the emotional connection with their target audience. Here are a few valentine’s day marketing ideas to help connect with your audience this February.​Social Media CampaignA Valentine’s Day social media campaign can encompass a variety of different posts relating your products or services to the holiday, or simply updating your profile to celebrate the holiday. For example, i […]

Keyword foundation is important when considering how your website will rank on a search engine.

Keyword Foundation

For the January 2017 Issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News, Denise Grothouse wrote the…

Snapchat Memories

Snapchat introduced a new feature: Snapchat Memories. This is said to be the social network’s…

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