Social Media Tips forDesign Professionals

In an article recently written for Kitchen & Bath Design News magazine, we shared social media tips for design professionals. There are six social media platforms that are de rigueur to be ultimately digitally social for savvy design professionals. However, a small business owner can dip their feet in this pool slowly, with a targeted approach that evolves as the nuances of each social environment are mastered.
The question becomes where to start? If building a presence on all six platforms feels too daunting, designers should start with the first three on the list below to get on the path to social media success.

Social media tips for small business marketing and the professional design industry explained by Perfect Six

LinkedIn is a place to make your professional presence and brand known among highly educated and high-income users. The site boasts over 414 million registered members. It is used by 44% of Americans with an income of $75,000 or more.

Pro Tip: If you are comfortable writing, publish a monthly LinkedIn post to establish yourself as an industry expert. Use high-quality content and photography.

Watch this video to learn how to create a company LinkedIn profile.

Facebook is an effective vehicle to generate brand awareness in your community, generate inexpensive advertisement and aid in website rankings. Not to mention you reach a huge audience of over 1.65 billion active users.

Pro Tip: Facebook’s algorithm is designed to show the most relevant content to users largely by page likes, comments and shares. The more popular your posts are, the more often they’ll be shown in users’ feeds.

This video teaches you step by step how to create a Facebook page for your company.

Houzz is the proven platform for converting viewers into clients, with 90% of the 35 million active users are homeowners.

Pro Tip: When adding projects on Houzz, compile a job specification bible using Word or Excel that includes all project details, including paint colors, size details and fixture models. This serves as a handy reference for all of the questions you may receive about the space.

Learn how to create a proficient Houzz profile by watching this video.

Article written by Denise Grothouse for Kitchen & Bath Design News. Stay tuned for more social media tips! #besocial #socialmedia


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