Snapchat Advertising Targeting

Fine tuning your Snapchat Advertising Targeting will enable your brand to reach your target audience. Snapchat ad targeting options give you the chance to target a specific group, based on age, location and a host of other features. Creating a custom ad on Snapchat means your brand will reach your target audience.

Target your Snapchat ads efficiently and effectively will enable them to reach select audiences and experiment more with the creative messaging. Within Snapchat, you can segment your audience. One way you can segment is by demographics, like language, lifestyles, household income, parental status and geography.

Snapchat provides an Audiences segment, which gives you a predefined list of more than 300 audience options to choose from.

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Advanced Demographics
    • Household income
    • Mothers
    • Married couples
    • Parents
    • College graduates
    • Small business decision makers
    • Small business employees

Audiences allows you to choose from pre-defined audiences from 4 categories including Lifestyles, Shoppers, Viewers and Visitors.

Lifestyles include adventure seekers, arts and culture mavens, automotive enthusiasts, collegiate, do it yourselfers, foodies, home decorators, photographers, women’s lifestyle and many more.

Shoppers include travelers, retail shoppers, restaurant goers, pet owners, home and garden shoppers, grocery shoppers and other kinds of shoppers.

You can even target those who watch reality tv with viewers. Viewers allows you to choose from many different options like home movie viewers of any genre, TV network viewers from a variety of channels like ABC, CMT, ESPN and more.

You can also target based on where people visit, like auto dealers, banks, restaurants, entertainment venues, retail stores and travel venues.

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