Small Business Marketing Strategy

This time of year it is easy to feel burned out.  We’re so busy managing the holiday marketing of our company’s products while also keeping track of our family holiday planning that our brains can’t keep track of all the details competing for our attention. As a result, we’re scattered, anxious, overwhelmed, and find it hard to stay on task. Does this sound familiar?
“I need to write my blog post today – oh , wait, did I order that sweater for my grandmother?”

This is an image of a Christmas tree.

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“Today at work I need to look at this week’s sales figures before my 2 PM meeting, and then after work I have to pick up wrapping paper and gift cards, go to the bank, stop at the grocery store to buy baking supplies, go to my daughter’s holiday concert, and iron her dress so tomorrow we can go see Santa, all while monitoring work emails to make sure everything is on track before my staff starts their holiday vacations.”

Remember the Partnership for a Drug Free America “This is your brain on drugs” PSA?
The same concept applies here –  “This is your brain on Holiday

This is a photograph of large stacks of paper.

For small business owners, feeling scattered is more than a holiday phenomenon. There are fewer people to manage the many tasks of running a small business, and keeping track of every detail of their operations keeps them constantly on the run.  They manage their employees, pay the bills, handle their own sales, drive the direction of their company – so it’s no surprise that marketing gets their last bit of brain power. To learn more about time saving tips, check out this post.

Often, conscientious business owners know their limitations and look for marketing support to handle the tasks of marketing – one to buy their advertising, another to manage SEO, a third to build their website, and yet another to handle their social media.  But managing the efforts of all of those different companies becomes a job of it’s own, and without anyone with expertise in marketing to optimize them, often their marketing strategies don’t work synergistically.

At The Perfect Six we have a completely different management model.  Our experts have the back of the business owner, and all management is handled under one roof to focus messaging and eliminate the challenges of multiple vendors.  We analyze our client’s marketing on the macro level, optimizing strategy and developing innovative ad campaigns and social media interactions that maximize results and exceed expectations.

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Perfect Six is a marketing company established by a business owner for business owners.

Our fresh approach to integrated marketing will creatively and memorably position your brand, and maintain the integrity of your messaging at all points of engagement.  Contact us to set up a time to discuss you’re marketing needs and let us help focus all of your marketing efforts.


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