Real Time Marketing Strategy

I recently read a statistic from marketing guru Ekatarina Walter that turned my thinking on marketing strategy upside down:

“The modern adult’s attention span is between 2.8 and 8 seconds”

Stop and think about that a moment.  How is it possible to learn anything worthwhile in such a short timespan?

We’re all guilty – we have a few spare moments, or need a brain break, so we scroll through our “newsfeed” to see what our friends are saying, what the brands we follow are tweeting, and the latest photos in our Instagram feed.  It’s faster to get a quick read on the world through our social media of choice, than to sit with a newspaper or magazine – and it is much more immediate.

This is an image of a squirrel.

However, social media has forever impacted the way we find and consume media, and has created a demand for immediate news that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  In turn, it impacts the marketing strategy we use to market to an increasingly “newsfeed” focused audience and makes it challenging to actually grab and hold a consumer’s attention. This phenomenon – aptly nicknamed the “Newsfeed” mentality by Ekatarina Walter –  is most likely a result of the way content is delivered on social media.

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This is a screenshot of a News Feed being used for Marketing purposes.

Marketing in newsfeed snippets requires an adjustment to typical marketing strategy.  I don’t mean to imply it should completely change your existing marketing tactics – rather it has created an important new tactic for marketing to your consumer called “Real Time Marketing.”  While traditional marketing tactics still play an important role in marketing strategy, in today’s social media focused environment, brands must develop a real time marketing strategy to stay relevant.

Things to consider as you develop your real time marketing strategy:

  • #BeCurrent – Real time marketing requires you to market around current events and social media trends.
  • #BeClever – Successful social media content is clever and fast thinking, optimizes on trending hashtags, and is wicked clever which encourages consumer engagement in the form of likes, shares and comments.
  • #BeBrief – Real time marketing content is short, visually driven, and high quality.
  • #BeDiligent – Monitor and respond to any consumer engagement you receive – be sure to manage negative feedback quickly and positively.
  • #BeFrequent –The volume of content appearing in a typical consumer’s newsfeed on Twitter or Facebook means a post has an average lifespan of 1 hour before it is buried by more current posts.

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That’s a lot to accomplish in 8 seconds or less! Real time marketing is an important concept to consider as you are evolving your marketing strategy. Look for examples of successful real time marketing campaigns – like this one from Oreo spoofing on the Superbowl black out in 2013, and this great example from Adweek by Kit Kat.  For some more real time marketing advice, check out this article by Fast Company.  And when you’re ready to develop a real time marketing strategy, contact us for a consultation.


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