Perfect Six Marketing announces increased partnership with Award Winning Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

Now managing the Public Relations Outreach and Advertising

kitchen-biblePerfect Six Marketing is thrilled to announce our increased partnership with the award winning team of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen and Bath. Effective September 1st, Perfect Six will be managing the Public Relations Outreach and Advertising for this esteemed firm. Perfect Six is intimately familiar with the Jennifer Gilmer Brand as we historically managed all the social media platforms and digital presence.

Additionally, we just completed negotiating the publication of a second book authored by Jennifer Gilmer. We anticipate this book to be printed and available on Amazon early summer of 2017.

Please forward your 2017 media kits to us at the emails listed below when they are final this fall and do not hesitate to contact us.

We are very social and encourage any cross promotional activity on Facebook, Houzz, Twitter and Instagram. We frequently use the following hashtags: #JGKB #JenniferGilmer #‎PaulBentham4JenniferGilmer #MeghanBrowne4JenniferGilmer #SarahTurner4JenniferGilmer



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