Marketing Wood Countertops with Grothouse Inc.

Showcasing the pristine products Grothouse offers is our number one priority when it comes to marketing wood countertops.

Grothouse Inc. is an extraordinary custom wood countertop company. With over 60 types of wood species and 30 edge profiles, they can craft just about anything. Grothouse exclusively offers Durata® Permanent Waterproof Finish, which was created by Paul Grothouse himself. This finish ensures lifelong lasting products that protect from spills and scratches unlike any other finish on the market.

Have you ever heard of Anvil™ Metal Finish? If you haven’t, that’s because Grothouse is the only company that offers this! Using this finish allows the wood countertop to appear as if it was metal. And to top it all off, coat it with the Durata® Permanent Finish to ensure a lifelong product.

The unique product offering doesn’t stop there. Grothouse offers Synthesis™ bar rail, Prestige™ Chef’s box, Pastore™ tables, and more.

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Marketing Wood Countertops With all the exceptional products Grothouse has to offer it creates marketing wood countertops fun and exciting. Showcasing these products from start to finish allows consumers to capture the beauty and see what we see in Grothouse Inc.

Social media is a huge part of marketing wood countertops. Creating #WoodCrushWednesday posts really intrigues the audience and gives them an inside scoop of a product before installed into the finished kitchen. The featured above is an example of a #WCW post featuring a Chestnut Pastore™ table crafted from reclaimed wood!

Ryan Serhant and Paul Grothouse

Not only do we provide marketing on social media platforms, but we also obtained a spotlight for Grothouse Inc. on Bravo Tv. In the series Sell It Like Serhant, Grothouse was featured at the beginning of the show portraying the process of obtaining wood for custom cabinetry, starting with cutting down a tree.

It’s exciting yet challenging (in a good way) for us to market a product to a B2B audience as well as a B2C. Grothouse Inc. has been with us since day one and our incredible marketing success with Grothouse was the launchpad for Perfect Six to become the best marketing firm in the kitchen and bath industry.

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