Marketing Custom Cabinetry with Kountry Kraft, Inc.

Marketing Custom Cabinetry that Kountry Kraft has to offer is an exhilarating process due to their impressive and breathtaking products.

Kountry Kraft, Inc.

Kountry Kraft, Inc. was started in 1959 by Elvin and Helen Hurst. They are widely recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of custom cabinets in the country. What makes their products different from other manufacturers you ask? Kountry Kraft produces American made cabinetry that is hand crafted by skilled craftsmen who go above and beyond to ensure high quality cabinetry.

Kountry Kraft is one of the few manufacturers that dovetail their cabinet boxes. What does this mean? Dovetailing creates a strong joint between two pieces of wood that can withstand the test of time. Kountry Kraft is one of the few manufacturers that dovetail their drawers and boxes and this is what separates them from the rest.

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Marketing Custom Cabinetry

Kountry Kraft has been crafting exquisite cabinetry for 59 years. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to showcase their craftsmanship. Perfect Six created a Kountry Kraft brochure featuring their custom cabinetry designs. In March 2017 Perfect Six Marketing won a silver Addy in the extensive catalog category due to this brochure!


Pinterest is used for consumers to gain ideas and inspiration. Kountry Kraft creates unique and beautiful kitchens that consumers love to see. Over time Pinterest has become Kountry Kraft’s top network referral to their website. Featured above is Kountry Kraft’s top performing pin with over 144,000 impressions and over 1,000 saves.

Bravo Tv – Sell It Like Serhant

Ryan Serhant with the Hurst Family

Gaining brand awareness is not only done using social media platforms, but on national television as well. In the series Sell It Like Serhant, Kountry Kraft was chosen to teach Ryan Serhant how to sell custom cabinetry. This episode was shown on Bravo Tv with over 900,000 viewers! View an exclusive video of Elvin Jr. showing Ryan how to craft a cabinet from start to finish.

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