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 Lazy cleaning hacks are a bandwagon everyone wants to jump on. What is better than being clean and lazy at the same time? However,  a usual person’s weekly cleaning tends to put the focus on major spots in the house such as the floors and counter tops. Generally speaking, your house may look “clean” when you choose this method. It’s the little things that ultimately lead to an overall cleaner house. I’m talking those pesky little appliances in kitchens you never seem to have time to clean. With the next few cleaning hacks it is safe to say that your house will be the cleanest in the neighborhood!

Keurig machines are great for brewing a fresh cup of coffee or tea in the morning. But you know that little reservoir you store the water in? It is actually a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and bacteria that also live in your bathrooms. Not exactly the coffee flavoring you want. To avoid this fill the water container with equal parts fresh water and vinegar. Run the machine until the solution is completely gone. Pro tip: Unless you want your drink to taste like vinegar tomorrow morning be sure to run plain water through a couple times after cleaning.

Nowadays most toasters are “high tech” enough to include a crumb tray. This tray is usually removable and allows for quick and easy disposal of burnt bread crumbs(built-in lazy cleaning hacks!).  For a better clean try using a pastry brush and gently wipe out an extra crumbs you didn’t get before.  For the outside of the toaster make a homemade cleaner of equal parts vinegar and water. Add a few drops of dish soap for extra cleaning purposes. Gently spray and wipe down with a cloth.  We bet that bagel you toast tomorrow morning will be rewarded with your efforts!

Warm weather means smoothies, and lots of them. Who doesn’t love getting their fruit and veggie fix at the same time? Blenders can be a pain in the butt to clean when you’re on the way out the door to work in the morning. This blender cleaning hack will only take you 30 seconds! Fill your blender with very hot water. Add a splash of dish soap. Turn on the blender for 15 seconds. Empty and fill with plain hot watLazy cleaning hacks for your blender using only dish soap and water by Perfect Turn on the blender for 15 more seconds and empty. Now you have your blender ready for the after workout protein shake!

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