Instagram Hashtag Usage

When it comes to Instagram, hashtag usage is a must. But recently there has been controversy over whether too many hashtags could be viewed as spammy.

The discussion going around is whether to only use nine hashtags per post or the maximum amount of 30 hashtags. Last year Instagram was shadow banning accounts for using incorrect hashtags and that resulted in accounts not getting any traction to their posts at all except from their followers. This eventually was corrected and no longer an issue, but it brought up a lot of discussion on whether posts truly did need all 30 hashtags or just a few.

According to Later, posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement on their posts than posts without hashtags. If you have a business profile set up with Instagram you can track insights for each post you create. Then you can look at the hashtag insight and gauge how well and effective your hashtags are being used for each post.
There is no right or wrong answer on how many hashtags to use but more so about how effective you use hashtags to promote your post. You should focus on relevance and research every hashtag you use to understand what audience will end up seeing your post with each hashtag being used.

Avoid using hashtags that have been used over a million times. Over usage of a hashtag won’t make your post standout as much considering you have over a million other posts using the same hashtag as you. By using hashtags with lower usage, you have a higher chance of being added to the Top Posts section of your hashtag on Instagram.

Overall, use as many or as less hashtags as your heart desires as long as they are creating the perfect amount of traction to your posts and account.

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Source: Later


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