Handling a Coworker Taking Credit for Your Work

A coworker taking credit for your work can lead to drama within the workplace. Employers and employees do not want this situation in their place of work.  Unfortunately, we all know this situation too well. You spent hours working with a few co-workers on a project. In the meeting with your boss the next day the guy next to you won’t stop babbling off his ideas making it almost impossible for you to jump in. 

A coworker taking credit for work is something no one wants to deal with. Handle it with Perfect Six

Wait? His ideas? I think he meant both of your ideas. For the sake of keeping your job it probably isn’t the best idea to throw a tantrum in the middle of the board room. We might not be able to stop you from doing this, but we sure can try and help. Keep reading to discover a few Perfect Six tips on how to handle this workplace struggle.

Coworker Taking Credit Tips


Do not call the person out.

Immediately confronting the coworker taking credit for your work may lead to even more of a disaster. Chances are you will overreact, thus making the situation even worse. Your coworkers will only focus on your reaction and not the work you completed. Try waiting a day or two to think about how much it really matters to you. Write down what you would say to that person.  By the end of the second day if the situation still bothers you it may be worth the trouble of fixing the situation.

Recognize the reason behind it.

Figure out why you are so upset by your coworker taking your idea. Was it really that they were out to get you for that time you stole their parking spot? Or was it simply them trying to be apart of the team? You decide. But don’t think through that one too much. Most revenge stories don’t begin with a parking space.

Focus on another project.

Use all the energy you are focusing towards your coworker and channel it into a new project. Get that task done tomorrow that’s not even due until next week. Motivate yourself. Guaranteed your boss will notice how hard you’re working. Being a consistent hardworking employee is worth more than one project you lost credit for.

Read a few more tips about a coworker taking credit from Forbes here.

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