Enticing Subject Lines that Make an Email Successful

Creating a enticing subject line is key in creating a successful. Too many emails are unsuccessful due to the lack of a thought-out subject line. Don’t let this happen to you, read a few helpful tips below:

  1. A subject line should be short and sweet. Using the least amount of words possible will gain the recipients attention faster. Longer subject lines can be cut off; therefore, the recipient is unable to read the whole thing. Resulting in the email being ignored entirely.
  2. Create a sense of urgency with your recipients. Make them feel as if they don’t open this email right now, they will lose out on an amazing opportunity. For example: “Last Chance to Save 20%”.
  3. Refrain from using all caps as this can be seen as yelling. No reader wants to feel as if they are being yelled at. Exclamation points go along with this as well, don’t go overboard. Using one exclamation point will be just as helpful in getting your point across.
  4. Add personalization to the subject line by including the recipients name. This will enhance their interest and entice them to click on the email. Also use lines such as “You’re Invited” or “Tips Just for You” to make the reader feel as if they are getting an exclusive email.
  5. If you are creating an email to inform the reader about a sale, use a number in the subject line. Numbers attract the recipient’s attention quicker than verbiage.
  6. Ask a question to draw the reader in. Use an interesting and catching question to automatically make the recipient want to know the answer. For Example: “Are you Making these Email Mistakes?”

Put yourself in the readers shoes, think about what makes you click on an email. If your subject line doesn’t intrigue your interest, then it won’t intrigue the recipient’s either. Readers could be getting 5-100 emails a day, make sure yours stands out. Check out our post on the 3 easy steps you can take to increase your email’s opening rates here.

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