Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing

Marketing can be very time consuming and business owners already have enough to do between running daily operations, handling finances, developing products and more. Some business owners struggle with the decision to keep marketing in-house or to outsource their marketing. Here are a few benefits of outsourcing marketing.

The biggest benefit of outsourcing marketing is the amount of freed up time. There are countless hours spent creating and distributing quality marketing content. The number of hours needed to create and manage marketing may be hours that an owner just simply doesn’t have. Outsourcing marketing may be a viable solution, freeing up time to spend on other high-priority tasks.
Another important thing to note is that the elements of digital marketing are constantly changing. A business owner may not have the time to dedicate to becoming an expert on Facebook posts or WordPress website page updates.

On top of having the time to dedicate to marketing, agencies are made up of experts who specialize in various marketing efforts, such as web design, copy writing, social media and more. These experts have the knowledge and experience to create, develop and manage successful marketing campaigns, which can yield better results.

Digital marketing methods require a variety of unique skills such as website coding, SEO, graphic design, analytics, social media, designing email campaigns, content creation and more. This blend of talents is often difficult to find in a single person.

Agencies can also help stay focused on a tangible marketing strategy to achieve a company’s goals, while also bringing objectivity to their promotional efforts. For example, a business owner might be inclined to judge the effectiveness of an ad by what sounds good to them based off of their experiences. However, their judgement may or may not work effectively for the target market.

The effectiveness of campaigns can be measured by powerful analytic tools, in which agencies have the access to understand and utilize in a way that best suits the goals of the company. These tools provide information such as how many likes or shares a social media post generated or how many visitors came to your site from searching on a particular keyword phrase.

Some business owners are hesitant to hire an agency because they are afraid to lose creative control. Here at Perfect Six, we employ our expertise with our clients’ goals to create marketing efforts that are truly successful.

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