Avoiding the Dreaded Pink Slip

Top Traits of a Valuable Employee

In November 2009, 15.4 million Americans were left without work. For three straight months, 135,000 jobs were lost per month. Companies are learning to be more productive with fewer employees. The question is, what can you do to increase the possibility of staying employed? Unfortunately, there isn’t always a way to prevent a job loss. There is however, certain qualities a person should have that lessen the possibilities of being “let go”.

The most valuable employee is going have the greatest chance at keeping his job. Being character-driven is one of the most important qualities. Sadly, it’s also among the rarest. Put yourself in your employer’s shoes. Would you keep an employee who is untrustworthy and lazy over someone who is honest and does excellent work? The answer is obvious.

  • Work on enhancing your skills and broaden the areas of different tasks you can perform. The more you do, the greater your value.
  • Assure your employer you can handle responsibility, carry out the given instructions and stay positive while doing so. No one wants to be around someone unhappy, and just keep in mind when you feel that you are “above” the given task, if those tasks did not exist, you would not have a job!
  • Understand your duties, and go above and beyond. Exceed your employee’s expectations. Be someone who does more than expected, not just the bare minimum.
  • Take the initiative in finding innovated ways to be productive. Self-motivation doesn’t go unnoticed. Showing up late or failing to arrive at all doesn’t go unnoticed either.
  • Don’t make others pick up your slack. A dependable worker stays on the payroll.

By knowing, practicing, and incorporating these qualities into your thinking, you increase your worth for current and future employees. While at work, focus your attention on work. Don’t waste your employee’s time or money. Do what you are being paid to do, and do it with excellence.
– Brittany Young


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